All authentication is made to (HTTP GET) Input parameters: clientid, userlogin, and userpassword

- Sample fiddler call:

You can now construct the API url based on the Domain + Version received from the Authentication API. Furthermore the ClientID, UserID and Token are required when making actual API calls.

Be sure to use the first 3 segments of the version number when constructing the URL, and replace periods with underscores:

Ex. 8_5_0

-Constructing the URL from Authentication results:


-Sample URL:


1. My credentials are not working and I know my username, password and client id are correct.


Sometimes developers forget to de-serialize the JSON response and take the raw string format instead. This is incorrect as JSON strings may be escaped if there are special characters in them – ex. “/”.

You can double check if you are de-serializing correctly by using Fiddler’s built-in RAW vs JSON windows: